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By Kid30

Secret Wars (Series 2) Round 1

On 03, Apr 2009 | In Uncategorized | By Kid30

SECRET WARS (SERIES 2) CHU vs. Inkie / Agent vs. Small Kid JUL 28th @ Juno Bar (Shoreditch High St) London

shouts to all the people running the night, something different for me, but really good night, not sure when round 2 is, so watch this space.

Secret Wars London report – it went down!

This was probably the most controversial Secret Wars yet –

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2nd Battle started straight up with Reeps and C.Monts introducing the acts…Agent vs. Small Kid With the crowd floating in and out of the venue for a cigarette, the crowd constantly rotated. Agent found time to take sips on his JD straight out the bottle while Small Kid continued to paint his face totem pole. This was a very close affair with the crowd rooting on both artists all the way to the finish line.. The judging once again got underway with the crowd chanting “Agent, Agent, Agent”, while the other half screamed for Small Kid! It went 2 – 0 Agent and then 2-2 with final two votes leaving it open for another crowd vote but without a working decibel reader – so un planned C.Monts pulled me on stage to determine who got the loudest cheer, and after much concentration I felt Small Kid just edged it! A very controversial ending resulting in some of the crowd tagging the wall with rants at the Secret Wars competition… This is the magic of Secret Wars – Passion and opinions will always run high.